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A Passion for Writing, Style, and Communication

Scroll down to view a few representative examples of my recent translation projects in a variety of fields, as well as a summary of my teaching experience.

Selected general translation projects

Friche la Belle de Mai
Friche La Belle de Mai: an Urban Laboratory subtitles for a short video on the history of a cultural center in Marseille (2020)
A Day at La Friche subtitles for a short video documenting a typical day at La Friche (2020)
“La Friche in English” visitors’ guide, visible here, here, and here (2020)
Press kits, brochures, and other materials for photography exhibitions (2019)

White papers and other communications for a mobile app development startup (2017)

JPD Systems, LLC
Articles for academic journals in the social sciences, including linguistics, history, and anthropology (via agency, 2012-2016)

Selected literary translations

Graphic Novel Translations
Graphic novels for French and American publishing houses. A selection:
The Princess of Clèves by Claire Bouilhac and Catel (Europe Comics, 2019)
Almost by Manu Larcenet (Les Rêveurs, 2018)
Microcosm by Manu Larcenet (Les Rêveurs, 2018)
The Marvelous Adventures of McConey by Lewis Trondheim (Europe Comics, 2018)
The Kingdom by Benoît Feroumont (Europe Comics, 2017)
Back to Basics (Vols 1-5) and Ordinary Victories (Vols 3-4) by Manu Larcenet (Europe Comics, 2016)
The Ark by Stéphane Levallois (Humanoids, Inc., 2016)
Notre Dame (Vols 1-2) by Robin Recht and Jean Bastide (Glénat, 2016)
Bearskin by Zidrou and Oriol (Europe Comics, 2015)

Drunken Boat
“I Was Robert Smith,” a short story by Daniel Bourrion (2017, with a translator’s note)

Words Without Borders International Graphic Novels Issue
“Flapflap Blues” by Mazen Kerbaj (2016)
“Osama” by Maximilien LeRoy and Soulman (2015, with a translator’s note)
Mean Folk by Étienne Davodeau (2013)

Language instruction

Université Aix-Marseille (Aix-en-Provence, 2019-present)
– English for Academic Research for the Masters in Clinical Psychology program
– French to English Translation for undergraduates in the English department
– 20th Century American Theater and 19th Century American Literature discussion sections for undergraduates in the English department

Institute for American Universities (Aix-en-Provence, 2018-2020)
– Beginning French for undergraduates
– Literary Translation for undergraduates
– Seminar on Graphic Novels for the Master of Arts in French Studies

Alliance Française de Chicago (2014-2015)
– French as a foreign language instruction for adults and children

Computer Systems Institute (Chicago, 2012-2013)
– Courses in English as a Second Language for all levels
– English for Professional Writing
– Business English

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