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I translate fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, academic articles, and other forms of writing, including communications for the tech industry and the fine arts.

I am available for both book-length and shorter projects. Contact me for current availability and rate information.

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I offer line editing and proofreading of English-language translations and original prose, including adaptation for American English audiences. I pay particular attention to style, helping you achieve the desired impact for your target audience. Contact me for current availability, or to request a price quote for a specific project.

For non-native speakers, I offer combined line editing and focused training sessions aimed to help you improve your written expression. I can work with you on thesis chapters, academic publications, or professional communication. Contact me for information.

Language Training

I create personalized training sessions for individuals who wish to improve their spoken or written English in the professional or academic sphere.

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Whether you are preparing for a public speaking event or a job interview, or simply wish to improve your communication skills at work, we can create a learning program to help you meet your goals in a friendly, supportive setting. Our training sessions may be held in person in Marseille centre (health restrictions permitting), or online via video conference.

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Contact me for availability and pricing.

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